Opaque:Maple Oak

Stain:     CherryMaple Alder Walnut Oak Quartersawn Oak Hickory

Alder is a hardwood that is lighter in weight and softer than other hardwoods.
Alder has a fine, straight grain similar to Cherry and Maple with a uniform honey color. Some tight knots are typically present. Alder stains well across the full color spectrum.

Woodland’s Rustic Alder is hand selected to have more pronounced variations of its natural wood characteristics. You'll find greater color variation, more noticeable graining, and additional knots, mineral streaks, burls and pinholes.

Unfinished Alder

Alder WASH Stains

Linen Oatmeal
Heather Charcoal

Alder Stains

Natural Cinnamon
Sunset   Nutmeg
Sienna   Chestnut
Amber Toast
Chili Spice
Pewter Merlot
Cabernet   Sable

Alder Glazes

Natural / Chocolate Cinnamon / Chocolate
Sunset / Chocolate Nutmeg / Chocolate
Sienna / Chocolate   Chestnut / Chocolate
Toast / Chocolate Chili / Chocolate
Nutmeg / Ebony Sienna / Ebony
Chestnut / Ebony Chili / Ebony
Spice / Ebony Pewter / Ebony
Merlot / Ebony   Cabernet / Ebony
Sable / Ebony    

Due to monitor differences swatch colors may vary. See a dealer for accurate samples.